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What does CBD oil taste like?

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Almost ready to try your first CBD tincture or vape pen? You’re probably bubbling with excitement, but possibly a little unsure about one key part of experiencing CBD: the taste. Perhaps this is your first time ever using a cannabis product; or, maybe it’s been so long that you’re not sure what’s in store. Whether you have a sensitive palate, or you’re just curious about knowing more before you take the leap, we’re ready to answer your burning questions about CBD oil taste.

CBD Oil Flavor

If you’re a bit freaked out about the idea of taking CBD drops under your tongue, consider that CBD oil is really just the oily liquid extract of the hemp (cannabis) plant. There’s nothing much to fear here, just the natural essence of one of humanity’s oldest and most beloved plants. And while you may not be swapping out that tabletop bottle of extra-virgin olive oil for straight CBD oil any time soon, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what the stuff actually tastes like.

Assuming you’re going for the purest CBD consumption route of all — a CBD tincture — you’re going to get the most true and unadulterated flavor and essence of the oil. In this form, CBD oil is often described as herbaceous, planty, nutty, earthy, citrusy, and floral. Of course, these are imperfect words to describe a taste that really defies linguistic explanation.

More than anything else, you’ll get the experience and sensation that you’re consuming the essence of a plant. And you are! The hemp plant provides a very specific CBD oil flavor and aroma that many people truly love, even if it wasn’t necessarily their favorite at first. It’s a complex, rewarding flavor that, for many people, also carries other positive associations like relief, relaxation, and good times. You might be thinking: does CBD oil taste like weed? Well, if you are someone who enjoys marijuana, you’ll be happy to know that they have a very similar scent and flavor — which makes sense, given that they both belong to the cannabis plant family.

How To Make CBD Oil Taste “Better”

If you have prior experience with the taste, or if you try a tincture for the first time and decide it’s not your thing, that certainly doesn’t mean that you’re locked out of enjoying CBD’s benefits. On the contrary: CBD is consumable in such a wide variety of methods and flavors that it’s simply a matter of finding what you like the best.

For example, have you considered vaping CBD instead of taking it as a tincture? Not only will you get access to the effects of CBD sooner due to the way that vaped CBD becomes bioavailable, but you’ll also get to pick from an absolute rainbow of different delicious flavors that barely contain any of the original plant flavor (if you can even detect it at all). Interested in vaping, but not sure about adding your own juice to a vape rig? It’s never been easier to grab a pre-filled CBD vape pen that’s disposable/recyclable once you’re finished. No messy refills, no technology knowledge needed: just take it out of the box, vape away, and get a new one once you’re done. It’s a piece of cake! And yes, these CBD vape pens also come in a mouth watering array of wonderful flavors that certainly make CBD oil taste “better,” if you’re not a fan of that natural leafy flavor.

If you’re still dead set on using CBD as an ingestible versus vaping, consider trying either flavored tinctures, capsules, or gummies! Flavored tinctures are exactly what they sound like: CBD oil with some extra flavoring added to mask the taste of CBD oil. Just like anything else, you’ll be able to find a wide assortment of tincture flavors ranging from sweet to savory, so that you can dial in the exact taste sensation that’s going to keep you excited to take your daily CBD, every day.

People love tinctures because of how powerful it is to take CBD sublingually (under the tongue), but there are other effective and potent ways to ingest CBD besides tinctures. CBD gummies are arguably the most popular method of all when it comes to taking CBD these days, because of the inherent fun, ease of use, powerful functionality, and flavor assortment. Trust us, you’ll hardly even know you’re not eating a regular gummy candy when you chomp down on a CBD gummy. Many top CBD brands also layer in additional wellness ingredients to their gummies so that you can address a certain nutritional need or biological benefit that you’re trying to zero in on.

If gummies seem a little too whimsical for you, perhaps you’re more of a traditionalist. In that case, we would strongly recommend the humble CBD capsule, which is a simple pill loaded with CBD oil. Just like any other vitamin, supplement, or capsule you might take, you can pop a CBD gel cap with a glass of water and down a powerful serving of cannabidiol without tasting anything at all. Totally flavorless, odorless, convenient, and discreet — it’s not surprising that this is one of the most popular ways people stay full of CBD throughout their day.

Don’t Let CBD Oil Taste Hold You Back

Whether you already know you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, or you’re simply a picky eater who is worried about the flavor holding you back from experiencing the incredible benefits CBD has to offer, you shouldn’t give up on ingestible CBD because of a “problem” that’s as solvable as the taste.

If CBD isn’t quite your flavor profile, we’ve shown you numerous ways to get around that pesky fact. You could become a CBD vape enthusiast, and blow delicious clouds of your favorite variety (whether that’s sweet like candy or even savory like popcorn). Or, you could stock up on flavored tinctures that are pre-made to taste fantastic right out of the bottle. Hey, you could even add regular unflavored CBD tincture to your favorite foods or drinks — like your morning coffee — and barely even notice that it’s there. Remember when Mom used to hide vegetables in your food?

Finally, we also reminded you that CBD gummies and CBD capsules are wildly popular worldwide right now for a good reason. They’re convenient ways to ensure you’re taking CBD daily (which, by the way, is the way to get the most out of your CBD experience). And, while gummies make CBD consumption a sweet and enjoyable experience, CBD capsules are the James Bond of cannabidiol: no nonsense, quick and to the point, utterly discreet. Also, many brands’ capsules are among their most potent products, which may save money in the long run and also let you have a stronger effect during your day or night, if that’s what you’re after.

Still have questions? Our team is here to help! Drop us a line and tell us about some of your flavor preferences, and we’ll point you in the right direction to get you enjoying CBD… no matter how finicky your taste buds are!