Bailey’s Full Spectrum Tincture 300mg


With 300mg CBD per bottle, this high-potency full-spectrum hemp oil for dogs is exactly what your canine friend needs to experience all the benefits CBD has to offer. Whether you’re looking for hemp oil for dog anxiety or you want to help your dog with any other condition, this veterinarian-formulated tincture will do the trick.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs

If you’re on the hunt for the best full-spectrum hemp oil for dogs, you’ll be pleased to learn that this pet tincture was developed with the help of veterinarian Dr. Robert J. Silver. In addition to receiving expert consulting in the process of making its CBD Oil for Dogs, Bailey’s also subjects each batch of this product to third-party lab testing to ensure its quality and potency.

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested CBD
  • All Natural
  • Artisanal Quality
  • Hand Harvested Hemp
  • Safe & Non-Intoxicating
  • Small Farm Sourced
  • Veterinarian Formulated For Dogs

This tincture contains 600 drops per bottle, and the CBD it contains is derived from hemp grown on a small family farm in Boulder, Colorado. This non-intoxicating full-spectrum hemp tincture will not make your dog feel high, and it only contains natural ingredients like CBD-rich hemp extract and MCT oil.

What are the benefits of using full spectrum CBD oil for dogs?

Whether you’ve heard about the benefits of hemp seed essential oil for dogs or you’ve come across the potential benefits of hemp for canines in another context, it’s natural to be curious about the effects of full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs and the benefits these types of products might provide. One of the most impressive benefits of this particular tincture is that it is all-natural, so you don’t need to worry about your dog ingesting anything that it shouldn’t when you choose Bailey’s.

Many dog owners decide to give their canines CBD to help with general anxiety or insomnia, and you may also find it useful to give your dog CBD before you go out to help with separation anxiety. This all-natural tincture from Bailey’s will provide your pet with all the benefits of CBD without any nasty additives or fillers.

What is the suggested use for Bailey’s 300mg full spectrum tincture?

Whenever it’s time to give your dog some Bailey’s CBD hemp oil, simply squeeze a few drops of tincture into your canine friend’s mouth. If your dog does not want to take this tincture orally, try adding it to food or a treat instead. Bailey’s suggests that this tincture will provide a full month’s supply of CBD for dogs that weigh between 15 and 50 pounds, and larger dogs may require more CBD due to their increased body mass.

Store your tincture in a cool, dry place that’s out of direct sunlight. Keep the cap of your tincture tightly shut when not in use. If stored correctly, your tincture should last for around six months to a year.


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