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Founded in 2017, CBDfx has quickly established itself as one of the most popular CBD companies in the country. This brand got its start with its line of CBD vape pens and vape juices, so picking up an affordable CBDfx pen or two might be a great way to experience this company’s roots.

Over the years, however, CBDfx has expanded to offer one of the largest catalogs of any CBD brand. If you’re looking for high-quality, organic CBD edibles, for instance, CBDfx gummy bears would be a good bet, and CBDfx capsules might be just the thing if you’re searching for an easy way to take a certain amount of CBD on a daily basis.

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In addition to the product offerings we’ve just listed, CBDfx also offers a wide variety of different topical products. Like many brands, CBDfx offers a simple CBD balm line that includes natural, healing ingredients. What sets CBDfx apart from the competition, however, is the fact that this brand also offers a few different types of CBD face masks and even a high-end CBD facial serum.

Are CBDfx Products Safe?

CBDfx only uses organic CBD oil to make its products, which ensures that no pesticides, fertilizers, or other harmful contaminants will make their way into your favorite CBDfx products. If you’re concerned about the presence of THC in CBD oil, rest assured that full-spectrum CBDfx products are guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% THC, and many of the products this brand offers are made with isolate or broad-spectrum CBD, which do not contain any THC at all.

You can confirm all of this information by checking out the batch-specific lab reports that CBDfx provides with each of the products it produces. These reports are produced by independent, third-party labs, and they tell you the exact cannabinoid concentrations that CBDfx products contain and prove that they do not have any contaminants.

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