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Does CBD oil for dogs help with anxiety during July 4th fireworks

Does CBD Oil for Dogs Help With Anxiety During July 4th Fireworks?

Every summer, there’s one day that dog owners fear the most: July 4th. Shooting off fireworks is an enjoyable and important tradition to uphold on Independence Day, but many of our canine friends beg to differ.

So we ponder the question, does CBD oil for dogs help with anxiety? If your dog suffers from anxiety in general, the sound of fireworks can exacerbate this condition, and as soon as explosions start booming in the distance or in your neighborhood, even the most fearless of pooches can start exhibiting anxious symptoms. In this guide, we’ll provide some tips that will help you and your dog get through this year’s July 4th celebrations in one piece, and we’ll explain why CBD might be one of the most important tools you can keep on hand to help your canine friend withstand firework anxiety.

Is CBD oil good for anxiety and panic attacks in dogs?

Just like human beings, dogs have endocannabinoid systems, which means that their bodies are receptive to CBD products. Millions of people around the world use CBD for anxiety, panic attacks, and related conditions, and dog owners commonly use CBD to help their pets as well.

CBD products are required to contain less than 0.3% THC, and some CBD products for pets don’t contain any THC at all. Unlike THC, CBD is not intoxicating, and instead, most users report that this cannabinoid provides gentle calming and relaxing effects.

Therefore, giving CBD to your dog won’t make your pooch feel intoxicated or lead to an increase in anxiety. Firework anxiety can make some dogs whimper and cower under the bed, but it can increase aggression in other canines, so relying on a non-intoxicating cannabinoid like CBD to help your dog get through July 4th is key.

If you’re planning to leave your dog at home on Independence Day while you go out, you might also want to know more about CBD oil for dogs with separation anxiety. Just as is the case with humans, CBD appears to provide a relaxing and calming effect with dogs, so giving your dog a little bit of non-intoxicating CBD before you head out might be just the thing to stave off both separation anxiety and firework anxiety.

Recommended dosage for dogs with anxiety

If you decide to give your dog a CBD tincture, you might want to administer a full dropper of your CBD pet tincture around half an hour before fireworks start. Most CBD tinctures for dogs contain around 300mg CBD total, so a full dropper will provide around 10-20mg. If you decide to try feeding your pet CBD-infused dog treats, you might want to give your pooch 2-3 treats around 30 minutes before you expect fireworks to start.

How do I calm my dog down during fireworks?

Many dog owners find that CBD is an incredibly useful tool for helping their dogs endure the anxiety-inducing sounds that fireworks make, but you should do more than just give your mutt CBD to prepare for July 4th. Here are five quick tips that may help your dog relax and get through the night in addition to using CBD:

1. Keep your dog inside

If Fido has shown an aversion to fireworks in the past, it’s probably best to keep your furry friend at home the duration of the night. In some cases, fireworks can scare dogs so much that they run away from home and get lost, so make sure to shut all your doors, and cover any pet doors you’ve installed as well.

2. Provide lots of attention

Your dog loves you, and reminding your pet that you love them back can make all the difference in the world once fireworks start popping. Keep your dog close to you through the night, and provide lots of love an affection whenever your pet startles, whines, or starts exhibiting anxiety in other ways.

3. Distract your dog

With enough attention, you might be able to make your dog forget about those frightening fireworks altogether. Instead of acting anxious as well, pretend like nothing is wrong, and distract your dog by asking you pooch to do tricks in exchange for treats. If all alse fails, play with your dog inside with as much enthusiasm as possible (without breaking anything).

4. Try a pressure wrap

Pressure wraps help dogs feel secure, and if your canine starts expressing anxiety once fireworks start, try applying a pressure wrap and taking it off at 30-minute intervals.

5. Consult your veterinarian

Your dog’s vet might know more about how to help your pooch with anxiety than you do. Tell your veterinarian that you plan to try giving your dog CBD this July 4th, and ask if there are any other medications or techniques that he or she recommends.

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