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Runner holding calf and wondering what's the best CBD cream for pain?

Customer Question – What’s the Best CBD Cream For Pain?

How To Choose The Best CBD Cream For Pain

Recently, a Naia CBD customer reached out to our team with the following question:

“I have been struggling with shoulder and back pain. A friend gave me some CBD cream from an online vendor, and it helped. What would you recommend?”

– Naia CBD Pasadena Customer

At Naia CBD, we offer a wide range of CBD topical creams from the best and most trusted brands in the industry. And if there’s one question we’ve heard more often than any other, it’s which CBD cream to use for pain relief, particularly back pain. In fact, we’ve found that topical CBD in the form of cream or balms is often the first type of product CBD users buy when attempting to treat mild to moderate pain. From there, they often start using the ingestible type as well.

With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming for someone new to CBD to figure out where to start. Let’s break down some of the mysteries around this common situation and help you find the ideal product for your needs.

First of all, the most important consideration when selecting the best CBD for pain relief is the quality of the item and the purity of its manufacturing process. Yes, people have their favorite CBD brands that they tend to stick with, but ultimately, there’s an initial bar of the expected quality for CBD products — and if the item wasn’t manufactured in a way that respects the initial hemp plant and retains a purity that doesn’t include harmful chemicals, you’re simply not going to get the results you’re looking for.

Thankfully, by shopping at Naia CBD, you don’t need to worry about that. We only carry the top brands in the CBD industry, that have proven a commitment to manufacturing standards and product quality. It goes without saying that you should only purchase your CBD products at a boutique or dispensary for this exact reason: CBD products are not created equal.

Different Kinds of Topical CBD

Now that we’ve established where to buy CBD cream for pain relief, it’s time to decide what type of product you want. For the customer in question who specifically had pain in acute areas of the body, topical CBD is probably the best bet for frontline defense. This is because topical CBD allows you to target the exact area you’re experiencing pain, versus the “full-body” effect from CBD that you swallow.

Topical CBD typically comes in one of 3 main forms: roll-on, cream, and balm. Roll-on topical CBD is probably the most popular, thanks to its lack of messy application, easy use, and seamless fit into anyone’s lifestyle. A couple of quick rolls over the affected area, and you’re sending transdermal CBD right down to the muscles and joints in that specific spot. We love Sow Eden’s Hemp Roll-On product in this category thanks to its gentle formulation and quick-acting properties.

Most CBD creams are very effective in helping with pain management. You’ll find that many CBD creams also contain ingredients meant to soothe the skin itself, as well as deliver CBD deeper into tissue. Because you have to dispense CBD cream into your hand or rub it into the affected area with your hand, it’s not as convenient or ideal to (for example) keep it in a gym bag or in your car.

CBD cream is more of a bathroom counter or medicine cabinet type of item for this reason. cbdMD’s Recover Cream is one of our favorites in this class, in no small part because of the generous 1500mg of active CBD contained in each jar — they’re really not skimping on the good stuff in this product.

Finally, CBD balm is great if you really want to work the CBD topical deep into muscle tissue. It’s ideal for a prolonged massage or a particularly troublesome area that you’re going to work on through kneading anyway. The knock against CBD balm is that it can be a bit greasy in consistency — it doesn’t absorb into the skin quite as quickly as CBD cream.

What About Ingestible CBD For Pain Relief?

If a customer comes into Naia CBD and wants just one product to help with back discomfort, for example, we will almost always recommend a CBD topical product. However, the best results come from CBD when you combine the administration methods. Taking CBD capsules daily is a great way to ensure that this powerful cannabinoid remains in your system, working its magic on your endocannabinoid system and overall homeostatic balance.

Combining a daily CBD ingestible like Medterra’s capsules with as-needed application of a CBD topical is definitely the ideal way to get the most out of your CBD usage. Your best bet is to start with some of the recommendations above and experiment to find which products work for you. It may take a little bit of trial and error to find the perfect product class, brand, and exact item that gives you the best results — but once you experience it, you won’t believe the difference it makes.

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